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Friends Board of Directors


Chair (Past President)
Samantha J. Husby – Term expires June 2012
Gladys Williams – Term expires June 2012
Vice President
Tia Grove – Term expires June 2012
George G. Real – Term expires June 2011
Louis Warren- term expires June 2011


John Padgett – term expires June 2011
Mark Capps – Term expires June 2011
Alan C. Olson – Term expires June 2011
James Pannell – Term expires June 2011
Mack Harper – term expires 2011
William Tuttle – Term expires June 2011
Richard Reynolds – term expires 2011

Friends Administrator

Edward Combs, Community Services and Development Coordinator

Houston Public Library Foundation Representative

Margaret Murphy

Houston Public Library Representative

Merle Hinton


Kelley Taylor

Interim Warehouse Managers:

Beth E. Thomas
Frances J. Partain