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Book Sale Policy on Stashing and Big Purchases

It is the goal of the Friends of the Houston Public Library to have a successful book sale that is enjoyable for everyone. When books are removed from the sale tables and stashed or abandoned, we can’t raise as much money for the Library, and our sale is compromised. Please know that the following policy will be in place at our 2005 Book Sale.

Sorting Area
We’ve set aside a large sorting area where materials may be sorted through. Our volunteers can easily return materials to the sale tables from this area.

Book Keep
A Book Keep is provided to store books you intend to purchase while you continue browsing.

Stashed Books Will Be Returned to the Sale Tables
Books removed from sale tables and “stashed” will be returned to the sale tables. A “stash” of books is any unattended pile, bag, or box.

If You are Making a Big Purchase
Use the sorting area and return unwanted materials promptly to the designated area so they can be re-shelved. Any unattended piles of books will be returned to the sale tables. When you are ready to check out, wait in line, and ask for a tally to come to you.

Book Sellers Are Not a Part of Set-Up.
As always, our policy is that volunteers who help set up are allowed to purchase $3 worth of books for each hour of volunteer service.

Everyone-community members, everyday readers, and book sellers alike-is entitled to the best selection of books available. When we minimize the number of books that are stashed or abandoned, we make the sale better for everyone.