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Library Branches

The Friends believes in community programming at Library branches. When communities visit the Library to share events, stories, resources, ideas, and fun, the Library is at its best. We are proud to give money to each branch so that they can host events for the entire community. Here is what some branches are doing . . .

More than 60 children at Kendall Branch Library enjoyed Stories From Around the World by Aileen Kirkham. Ms. Kirkam is a professional storyteller who gave an extremely entertaining performance of stories from different cultures. This was truly a highlight of our Summer Reading Program.

We had a Magic Show by Julian Franklin with more than 100 people in attendance. Mr. Franklin gave a great show with magic that promoted reading. Our notes from the show say the “children were screaming with laughter.” We love it!

Parents and children from Kendall Branch really appreciate the additional high quality children’s events we have been able to offer thanks to the generous support of HPL’s Friends.

Collier recently paid for three programs with money donated by the Friends of the Houston Public Library. The children and parents that participated appreciate these programs very much.

Linda Befeld presented stories with puppets for toddlers and preschoolers during National Children’s Book Week. More than 25 kids and adults enjoyed this program. We hosted the Lollipops and Licorice Petting Zoo during the Summer Reading Program with more than 100 eager readers in attendance. And Happy the Clown came to see us and encourage even more kids to read during the Summer Reading Program.

Jungman’s Mad Science programs were hugely popular with adults and children. Each had more than 50 Summer Reading Program kids.