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Neatoscan Process

1. HPL and individuals donate books to our warehouse (our policy).
2. Volunteers open boxes and send all magazines and any books that are torn, moldy, water damaged, outdated, or missing their covers to recycling.
We send several bins of recycling to Waste Management each month!
3. After sifting out the damaged books, volunteers prep the remaining books for scanning.
4. Books without bar codes go to the Second Sort area to be researched further.
5. Books with bar codes are scanned by volunteers.
a. The scanners let us know which books that are “accepted” and which are “rejected”.
b. Accepted books go to our Amazon Listing Room for further processing.
Want to be a Lister?  Click here to find out more.
c. Rejected books go to the Second Sort area to be reviewed for our Community Book Sales.
i. We choose some books for our Houston-area sales.
ii. Other books go to Better World Books to be sold in a different online process.  Better World returns up to 25% of the profits from these sales back to the Friends.
We send several bins to Better World Books per month!
iii. Children’s books go to their own area to await our Annual Children’s Book Sale
We sell over 35,000 Children’s books each year!